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Nile is passionate about helping people realize and live in their mandated destinies and achieving even more health, wealth and happiness. She was struck by the need for self care and the creation of a strong mind set when a patient who knew he had a abdominal aortic aneurysm came into the ER. He had been too afraid to do the surgery and by the time he got to the hospital there was not much anyone could do.

She began asking doctors what separates the patients that thrive versus those that just live or die. The answer was astounding. While health care plays a big role in treating disease it mainly, almost always comes down to mindset and being part of a community that will support healing.

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Habit Mastery Program - 9 Proven Steps to Getting The Life You Want

Black women experienced the greatest disparity in the treatment and survival of cardiovascular disease while generating the least amount of wealth in the US. That's when Nile started the New Black Chick. However she quickly realized that we are at a crisis point with chronic cardiovascular disease in this country. The stresses of the economy and a nation at constant war has had a toll on Americans' lives. She developed a 9 step system based on her expertise and research to help people use the power of their brains to achieve even more of their biggest life goals. She developed the program and refined it as she went gluten free and shifted her addiction to TV.

She can help you and your organization put your success on autopilot. Learn more about booking Nile to speak.

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If you're looking for someone who can really help you transform and play your A game, I'm telling you for a fact Nile Harris, she's best in class. She knows this space, she lives it. She's a phenomenal speaker. You'll love her, she's amazing.

Bill Walsh, America's Business Expert
Bill Walsh, America's Business Expert Powerteam International

Nile Harris taught me so much about habits. There neither good or bad. I didn't know that, I was punishing myself thinking I had bad habits. But they're neutral. She is such a good, kind and knowledgeable person about health and wellness. She's helping me she can help you too.

Faith McKinney
Faith McKinney Author, Schmingling - The Art of Being Well-Connected Through Blatant Self-Promotion
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