purchasing Proscalpin To be bulletproof is to know that in life you will be mentally and emotionally shot at, hit, and hurt, but you will prevail. The pain will not kill or diminish you. You will rise.

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Wealth & Wellness

http://hardinins.com/tag/michigan/ There is a strong connection between an individual's emotional and physical well being and their economic wealth. In addition, there are common misconceptions about wealth - what it is and how to get it. Life throws us many curve balls in this arena. Learn how to prepare, adjust, and prevail.

Topics include nutrition, healthcare, mental and emotional health, money management, education, and professional development. 

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.    -Aristotle

Habit Mastery

In reaching for our biggest wealth and wellness goals we often ignore our best ally, the brain! Habit Mastery for Wealth and Wellness combines the art of faith with the laws of science to expose the secret success language of the brain. Small changes in mindset can lead to big life shifts. Habits either serve us or they don't - teach them to serve you.

Topics include coaching, motivation, willpower, self-belief, mindset, habits, cravings,  and success.

Resilience & Grit

Being bulletproof doesn't mean that challenges won't come. It means that no matter what is thrown at us or how much it hurts, our voice and value will prevail. Attaining goals comes with various levels of difficulty, in those tough times resilience and grit can carry us through. 

Topics include problem solving, wisdom, courage, endurance, and finding the signal in the noise. 

Equity and Inclusion 

Nile has a specific interest in developing content for black women and the African American community in general. The gaps in health, wealth, and education are felt  most directly by black women, men, and children. While the topics apply to all, there are nuances of wealth and wellness particular to this community that are addressed. 

Topics include healthcare, emotional and physical well being, education, wage gap, building wealth, money management, and career progression.

What People Are Saying About Nile

Nile taught me so much about habits. They're neither good or bad. I didn't know that. I was pushing myself thinking I had bad habits. But they're neutral. She is such a good, kind, and knowledgeable person about health and wellness. She's helping me, she can help you too.

Faith McKinney Author, Schmingling

I just met Nile and you got to love her enthusiasm. More important I love her passion for helping people create healthy habits. If you need to create habits that serve you, you can't do any better than to talk to Nile.

Sean Oliver - Executive Leadership Coach

​Nile Harris is an amazing coach that really helps master your health and your wellness. Her energy is infectious, she is so much fun. She is the coach that can take you to the wellness height of your dreams.

Tamlyn Hill - America's Relationship Mastery Expert

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My mission is to unapologetically help others improve  the narrative for and about themselves. It is only through understanding our own value, embracing our challenges, and sharing our voices can we step out of our story and into our glory. Let's get started today. Whether it's a small group or a large audience, I am here to help you be bulletproof!